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Estefanía Suissa


"A thousand times, I can get in and out of a train that halts in the stations of my memories - but I can never get off the ship of my Memory"

This show proposes an encounter between traditional Flamenco and choreographed Flamenco designed for the stage.

The idea was born from a choreographed item on the theme of Ageing, commissioned by Sangs Mêlés and conceived by the dancer in 2006. In this first scene she explored the different aspects of Memory. A second choreography was born from the first, with stage-designs that serve two dramatised scenes. In between the two, Estefanía describes three distinct and original views of what Memory is, using the language of Flamenco in her very own personal dance style.

In the course of these three intervening dances, the artistes invite the audience to share in new, living, yet timeless perceptions of Memory. Thus we traverse intimate memory in the almost biographical "Lagrimas de asfalto", then ancestral memory in "Memento" and artistic and professional memory in "Bajo el tiempo de los maestros"- three tableaux which take a fresh look at the aesthetics of traditional Flamenco.



Artistic team




Estefanía Suissa


David Marín


Quisco de Alcalá

Juan de Mairena


Paco Vega

Technical and artistic team

Original idea, Choreography

and Scenography

Estefanía Suissa

Musical composition

David Marín

Light design

Thierry Barjonet

Voices off

Gonzalo Molina et Los Maestros

Montage of voices off

Estefanía Suissa et Antonio Moya


Manuel y Gabriel

Text voice off "amo a esos hombres"

Gonzalo Molina

Light and sound

Studio Safran

Stage manager

Michael Shuldt


Nuevos Proyectos

Ayer se fue

Voice off / Gonzalo Molina

Introduction / Solo


Dance / Tientos tangos

Solo guitar / Rondeña

Lágrimas de asfalto

Dance / Seguiriya

Solo singing / Malagueña

Duo singing / Fandangos por solea

Bajo el tiempo de los maestros

Voice off / Los Maestros

Dance / Soleá por bulerías

Amo a esos hombres...

Voice off / Gonzalo Molina

Conclusion / Solo


"Fin de fiesta"